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Self-Promotional Movie
Registration Course (Optional)

The Self-Promotional Movie Registration Course (SPMC) provides you with an another opportunity to register ACF2025, where your short movie presentation could work as a different tool to promote yourself in addition to your normal application with your CV to ASEAN CAREER FAIR with JAPAN 2025.
Japanese companies attending ACF will view and check your promotional movies, which may bring your an another way to join ACF. You will be invited to ACF if any of the companies show interest in your video presentation.
You may even be invited to an interview for a Japanese company!


    You will have a chance to present what you can't promote in the normal registration documents (CV) and maximize your possibility to be invited to ACF2025.


    Your movies will provide them with different ways to find and reach talented candidates.

Upload your self-promotional video to YouTube today!
Your video will be viewed by Japanese companies!
Get invited to ACF if a Japanese company shows interest!

Who is Eligible?

  • People who have completed registration with ACF
  • People who want to promote themselves to Japanese companies through video
  • People who agree to the guidelines below

How to Participate

  • Please read and agree with the guidelines below.
  • Upload your self-promotional video to YouTube.
  • Click on the “SPMC Registration” button below and share the URL with us to participate in the program.

Information Required for SPMC Registration

  • ACF Registration ID
  • Your YouTube video URL* (Make sure your upload setting will be ‘Unlisted’.)
  • Email address used in ACF registration

SPMC Registration Deadline

  • Monday, December 23, 2024

Screening Result Announcement

  • From From early December 2024: Notifications will be sent in order of reception of application.
  • The ASEAN Career Fair with Japan Committee will contact (by email) only those who have passed the SPMC screening.

Basic Rules

  • Only one time SPMC registration is allowed per person.
  • Applicants can still participate in ACF even if they have not passed pre-screening during the normal application process for ASEAN CAREER FAIR with JAPAN 2025 (ACF), as long as they have passed the screening for SPMC.
  • We cannot answer individual questions regarding screening results.

Guidelines for Uploading Videos

  • Your presentation can focus on any topic, as long as it shows your strengths, characteristics, and anything you can’t deliver by your CV. However, they must be your original works and are expected to inspire companies who will join ACF to feel, “I would love to meet this person,” or “We would like to hire this person”.
  • The recommended video length is one minute long. Videos longer than three minutes will excluded.
  • Make sure you’ll deliver in either English or Japanese.
  • Videos uploaded to YouTube will only be accepted.
  • We cannot answer any questions related to possible content, production methods, or how to upload to YouTube.
  • Videos that violate YouTube’s User Policy are prohibited.
  • Videos that are considered to be against public order and morality, slanderous or libelous, or discriminatory, are prohibited.
  • Videos that violate the laws of Japan, Singapore, the country in which you reside, or your home country are prohibited.
  • Uploads that include the personal information of others, or that infringe upon the copyrights, personality rights, or rights of a third party, are prohibited.
  • Your personal information included in the movie should be limited to your own name, school, major, and work history. Adding your contact information is prohibited.
  • When uploading to YouTube, we strongly recommend that you mark your video as “Unlisted” so that only companies that are registered with ACF can access the video.
  • ACF sponsors, registered companies, registered universities, and collaborating organizations are not responsible, in whole nor in part, for violations of third-party rights, nor any damages that may be incurred due to your participation in SMPC.

After accepting these guidelines, please click